Go Go Go


This Year

  • I will finally learn to drive. I hate driving, but I will finally learn. To prove it, I got my student's license today.
  • I will learn how to bake bread, not the rocks that come out of the oven that are hard enough to bean people with.
  • I will inflate the tires of my bike and take it out for a spin. Never mind that the last time I did it I almost got hit by a cab.
  • I will learn how to cook something other than the 1,342 versions of pasta I usually cook.
  • I will enroll by June to get my Master's Degree in __________. I haven't decided yet.
  • I will finish the script for the comic Kitt and I are supposed to be doing. 
  • I will write more. I am writing more, but I will write more for me. 
  • I will finish the scrapbook I've been doing for a year now.
  • I will travel to somewhere besides Boracay, Sagada, La Union and Manila. Singapore, Vietnam or Thailand are on the list. (This is also good till next year.)
  • I will buy less shoes so I can save up to travel more. The pain...
  • I will try to be an adult, but it isn't that appealing, honestly.
  • I will write letters, not emails.
  • I will cross something off this list by the end of this month.
What about you guys? What are you planning to do this year?

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